Uncategorized November 21, 2019

Tim W. & Val H.

“We feel truly LUCKY to have found Pamela and Don. They totally nailed it — in every imaginable way — in helping us find and successfully bid on our ‘forever home!’ To this day, long after the close they are continuing to help us get settled in by recommending contractors for improvements and fixes. Pamela and Don are super knowledgeable, skilled, and they LOVE what they do, and it SHOWS! They are also true masters of the local market, buyer/agent dynamics, how to put in a competitive offer, all the way to the much less fun mind-numbing disclosures and paperwork. Importantly, they also know how to be blunt, tough, hard-nosed, and competitive as required and in order to help their clients win, all without straying from being super sweet and pleasant people. Every now and then we check local listings to see if something comes up that would have been a stronger fit and/or better value — nothing comes close!”